Write to Recover

Journal Writing for Addiction Recovery Support

Discover the health benefits of journal writing as you tell the story of your recovery through guided journaling exercises. Learn techniques that allow you to explore the complex emotions that accompany addiction, gain perspective and begin to achieve clarity. This guided journaling workshop is designed for those recovering from addiction to any substance or behavior. It is intended to supplement 12-Step support programs and clinical therapy.

Write To Recover

Create a Recovery Journal during this six-week online writing workshop.

Take time to honor your journey of recovery and document it in a personal and meaningful way. A recovery journal is your tool to create a private space for sharing the often conflicting emotions that accompany addiction or trauma recovery. Express your feelings with guided writing techniques and reflections designed specifically for recovery. Write to Recover will allow you to review your own personal milestones through your recovery and learn to reflect on life lessons and blessings.

How does the online class work?

Each week, you will receive inspiration and writing prompts delivered via email. Spend time in the privacy of your own home writing and discovering tools that allow you to gain perspective and clarity. Online support is provided throughout the session as needed via email. What’s Included?

6 weekly lessons that include inspirations, tools and prompts thoughtfully created for the Write to Recover journaling program.

6 weekly group teleconference calls to support you in your journaling and allow an opportunity to discuss the program with others and share journal entries if you choose.

A beautiful spiral bound journal designed specifically for the Write to Recover program. The journal includes inspirations and blank pages to capture your thoughts as you reflect throughout your journey.

An audio CD containing guided meditations recorded exclusively for this program to help center you as you begin your journal writing experience.

Our favorite pen for capturing all of your thoughts as they flow effortlessly onto the pages of your journal.

An inspirational bookmark created exclusively for Write to Health.

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