Discover the Health Benefits of Journal Writing!

  • Are you looking for a creative way to reduce stress and lead a healthier lifestyle?

  • Is there something weighing on your mind, creating a constant feeling that things could (or should!) be better in your life?

  • Do you believe in the power of writing as a tool for self discovery, reflection and healing?

If You’re an Avid Journal Writer…

  • You may be looking for fresh ideas and tools to go deeper in your journal and take your writing to the next level.
  • Or you may be ready for a focused writing workshop to inspire you in your writing.

Maybe You’ve Tried Journal Writing Before…

And you dropped the habit because you’re too busy or you don’t know what to write about. But you’re feeling ready to re-energize your journal writing practice now.

Or Perhaps You Want To Start a Journal…

And you don’t know what to do first.

Journal Writing for Health

Write to Health is dedicated to helping people discover the healing benefits of journal writing. We’ll show you how to journal using writing prompts and journal topics designed to honor the health and wellness in your life. Our programs and journal writing workshops include:

Spiritual journal writing

Journaling for addiction recovery

Journal writing for health and personal growth

Business productivity journaling

Cancer survivor journal writing

Journaling through life transitions

Gratitude journal writing

and more!

How to Create a Journal

As journalers, we have used writing in our own lives to make incredible breakthroughs and heal from personal transitions and traumatic events — including eating disorders and alcohol addiction. In our professional roles as writers and journal coaches, we’ve worked with people from personal transitions and backgrounds to help them develop a healthy journal writing practice. And we’ve witnessed the transformation that takes place in their lives and in their hearts as their words begin to heal.

Whether you are an avid journaler or a novice, we can show you the health benefits of journal writing as a tool to:

  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety;
  • Process negative emotions and release energy;
  • Explore your spiritual relationships;
  • Discover your purpose and passion;
  • Examine fresh perspectives;
  • Navigate life transitions;
  • Slow down, reflect and focus;
  • Honor life milestones and preserve memories;
  • Enhance creativity;
  • Gain clarity; and
  • Contribute to a healthier life.

Writing therapy is an easy, inexpensive, convenient, and non-judgmental way to be fully present and live your life with awareness. It is one of the most simple forms of self-care. We hope you will join us as we guide and encourage you on your path to wellness through writing.

Theresa Ceniccola and Debi Wacker

Your Journal Coaches, Write to Health

P.S. Be sure to take our free 7-Day Journal Challenge and discover the healing benefits of journal writing today!

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